Monopoly Challenge – April 2014

Monopoly Challenge – April 2014

22 of Thornton’s Scouts were recently seen racing across West Yorkshire as they tested their mapwork skills and transport planning as 5 teams from Thornton competed in a Monopoly Challenge event.

Each Team of Scouts were supplied with a leader, a West Yorkshire Day-Rover for use on public transport, and a Monopoly board detailing a variety of locations and tasks across West Yorkshire where points could be obtained for having a photo of themselves at each location or completing the challenge.

Photo’s were submitted of Scouts reaching places as far as Harewood House, Halifax, Ilkley and Castleford, however penalties were applied on one team having submitted some of the worst photo-shopping seen by mankind!

Thanks very much to Ani, Michelle, Joanne and Amy for helping lead teams, and well done to Steve for being as gracious in victory as ever!

Results and Final Scores were as follows (after all dubious photos and claims were omitted):-

1st Place: Preston’s Team with £1575
2nd Place: Michelle’s Team with £1460
3rd Place: Ani’s Team with £1235
4th Place: Joanne’s Team with £1140
5th Place: Amy’s Tea